“Such people,I’m really mad.It is also the psychology of the characters in the script。Paranoid male protagonist in film and television series,Not all of them are of this kind?Still sadomasochistic,Finally, the hero shouted,Is it all because I love you?,The hostess can forgive everything,The corpses of the relatives are still cold,Hug each other.”

“.”Ou Zhaozhao really feels that the girl is very upset。What this said,Too heartbroken。
“Anyway,Let’s assume that the person Pei Huan really loves is Qiao Yue,Then,Keep Qiao Yue away from Pei Huan,It’s also a way to collapse the plot.”
“I think,Qiao Yue may not really love Pei Huan,look,What you said before,Qiao Xing and Pei Huan have a relationship,Because Pei Huan saved Qiao Yue,Qiao Xing took this opportunity。Then,Qiao Yue has been entangled with Pei Huan since then,An infatuated look,It should still be based on the hostile relationship between her and Qiao Xing。Qiao Yue may also think,Follow development,Pei Huan should like her too,But it’s the same as her life,Snatched by Qiao Xing,and so,She wants to grab it back.”
Ou Zhaozhao’s love experience,“because,If it’s a one-level reason for simply wanting to fight Qiao Xing,It should be against Yang Xiaomu,Not Pei Huan, who looks like a stepping stone to Qiao Xing。Even said,Maybe,Qiao Yue still sympathized with Pei Huan in her heart,I think Pei Huan is also a poor man who was hurt by Qiao Xing.She was just because of the righteousness in her heart,Just doing something。”
“The key is,If she really loves Pei Huan,It is impossible to commit suicide so easily,After Xie Baixing committed suicide,If she still has a loved one in this world,Then,Even if this person doesn’t love her,She wouldn’t go so simply and decisively。Woman on love,Always have infinite expectations。This is like most women who have been domestically abused,Will believe in men’s confession and apology.”
They are not expecting men,But love。
“Violence is violence,Must add a domestic violence,Also Chinese characters are broad and profound。”Plus the influence of family culture,The word home,Really magnified a lot of rights infinitely。Baby Ou is bulging now,I have to stab everything I hear。
“.”Ou Zhaozhao wiped his sweat,Fortunately, the girl’s mentality has always been very peaceful,He has always been very capable,otherwise,She was really afraid that her daughter would have a mocking personality。Girl,In front of outsiders,It’s better not to have a mocking personality.
“This one,I just want to say,Qiao Yue may not really like Pei Huan。and so,You don’t have to deliberately extend the distance between these two。This story started running privately because of the story,The information I can know is only what I have read,I haven’t remembered many of them。and so,Let’s step by step,It’s better to be steady。”
Ou Zhaozhao put the bath water with Lingquan for the girl in the lounge,Bathed the girl,Coaxed the girl to sleep.I really wiped my sweat,Out。
Raising children is really,She has to coax her to wait until she is eighty.
“What’s wrong with my dear??”Jin Yao has been waiting for Ou Zhaozhao for a long time,Why have you eaten with relatives for so long?。
Ou Zhaozhao waved his hand,Changed clothes first,After you come out, sit down and explain to Jin Yao,“Qinbao will go to Guangnian to help for a while,Recently in her hands,Don’t give her a new job yet。Just let her finish her work。This time,This kid is tired too.”
Jin Yao is naturally willing,My treasure is so tired,“She doesn’t have time to worry about not being taller now。I want to say,They are too tired to grow.”
Ou Zhaozhao reached out and hit Jin Yao with his pen cap,“Dare you to say a try!!”Doctors and experts said it,The girl is absolutely healthy,Not long,It’s a genetic problem。It’s not bad if you want to eat growth hormone,But not recommended。
Just this is not recommended,Ou Zhaozhao let the girl completely dispel the idea of taking hormones to grow taller。There are so many different medical beauty methods,Everyone says that the technology is mature,Each plastic surgery said that the risks and side effects are minimal。But what is it,Anyone with a discerning eye can see it。
Everything in this world is anti-realistic,Are dangerous, risky and side effects。
Not for a while does not mean not for a lifetime。
Ou Zhaozhao is a supporter of this kind of speech。of course,Is it to choose the beautiful one or the ugly one,This question lets Ou Zhaozhao make his own choice,She doesn’t do well。but,Fortunately, her life is super beautiful,And Lingquan,No need to do medical beauty,No choice。