Be a woman admired by men

Be a woman admired by men

It’s not the woman’s intention to say that good birds choose wood to live, or that human nature is to like the new and hate the old, or that a woman is the most adaptable to the environment, and she will always find a place to make herself feel safe.

What women need most is to be appreciated, recognized, and petted.

  When a woman is willing to give all the love to a man, that is the greatest happiness of the man, and it is also a burden on the man, because she is too used to putting all the focus on you, paying attention to your actions, how you feelEven when you go home, if a man does n’t know how to appreciate, appreciate his own woman, and do n’t spend time to cope with his own woman ‘s request, that woman is easily dissatisfied.

In fact, this is the same truth. Women’s demands to be accompanied and men’s self-busy are always prone to resentment and conflict.

  In another way, women cannot change men and do not prevent them from changing themselves. In fact, we are not opposed to reasonable and false betrayal. I even think that it is a woman who maintains a healthy, beautiful, hopeful and passionate life.means.

I support the strategy of not giving up attracting other men, but never getting caught up in it. Women can care about the appreciation and affection of other men for themselves, and treat others other than their husbands, dress themselves, and make them sexy., Healthy and natural, full of attractiveness, attracting the attention of men, even chasing, but so far, you have to control this development in your life, let him appreciate you, but also pay attention to, pay attention to you, butDo not dare to act rashly.

Only women who are constantly appreciated by men may always be beautiful. You have to be a woman who pays attention to transforming herself and increasing her charm.

  Don’t overdo it, unless you want to destroy your life, this new man will not be the man you want. All he has shown himself is a good self. Once living together, it is less insurance than your previous husband.

So, as a last resort, you ca n’t really betray.

Betrayal is not the best way to restore feelings or retaliate against each other. The effect of betrayal is often to add pain to pain and trouble to trouble.

  Sometimes women deal with many problems and want to change their temperament, so they often cause great harm to others and themselves.

  Men can allow themselves to make mistakes, but rarely allow their women to make mistakes.

Once a woman does something radical, the price he has to pay is very high.

If it is already a reality, we must give up decisively and use all our methods and abilities to deal with this relationship.

As long as a woman is wrong once, her goodness and previous efforts are likely to be denied by her husband.

  Most of the betrayal are unconscious and very random. Under the domination of this betrayal psychology, they turn their spirit and body into a person they do not love, and many women will regret it later.But the facts have been formed, and the tragedy is likely to really begin.

  The basis of the loyalty contract is love.

If you are dissatisfied with the status quo, tell your own men that we can talk to our men about our needs on an equal footing. If there is really no hope, we can bravely give up this life and restart completely, without the fetters of the past, withoutRestart of psychological stress.

  Women’s lives need to be rich, so women should learn to create a lot of support points. Don’t let men be a support, they can have their own things, their friends, their hobbies. Once one of them collapses, we can support ourselves from other parts.Everything is to make myself better.