[5 taboos to eat ginger, do not eat without peeling!

]_Eating Taboo_Eating Taboo

[5 taboos to eat ginger, do not eat without peeling!
]_Eating Taboo_Eating Taboo

There is a saying in the traditional saying that a man cannot be without ginger for 100 days. It can be seen that ginger is as simple as a double condiment in our lives, and it also has important health effects.

Ginger can promote the digestion of the spleen and stomach, improve appetite, and refresh and relieve fatigue.

But how should ginger be eaten to be healthy?

Is everyone suitable for eating ginger?

Let’s take a look at the five taboos of eating ginger.

Banned Rotten Ginger Ginger must not be eaten if it has rotten parts.

The rotten parts are likely to produce toxic substances. If the human body eats rotten ginger, it is easy for this toxic substance to enter the human body and cause mutations in human stem cells, causing cancers such as liver cancer and esophageal cancer.

It is forbidden to eat a lot of ginger. When eating ginger, you must pay attention not to overdose, otherwise it will easily cause people to have trouble, dry mouth, sore throat, and heartburn.

Especially in summer, the weather itself is hot and hot, if you eat a lot of ginger, it can easily cause all kinds of discomfort.

Avoid eating peeled ginger. When eating ginger, be careful not to remove the ginger.

This can ensure the overall effect of ginger.

But be careful not to peel the ginger must be carefully cleaned.

Avoid germinating ginger Ginger should be careful not to eat if it is germinating.

Ginger is pulled out during growth or is in a dormant period when it stops growing after being affected by other reasons.

If the dormancy period has passed after certain conditions, ginger will re-germinate and grow. In this case, due to growth needs, it will consume its own nutrients and even cause decay.

If the ginger has germinated, not only its nutritional value is greatly reduced, it may be because the rot contains toxic substances.

Avoid eating ginger at night. Some folks talk about “eat ginger and arsenic at night.”

This makes sense.

At night, the human body should be nourishing yin, and ginger is yang, which is easy to violate the natural health of the human body.

In addition, eating ginger at night can also make people’s brain excited and affect sleep.

Ginger is not something people can eat Ginger In addition to the above points, please note that not everyone is suitable for ginger.

Ginger is hot. It should not be eaten by patients with internal heat or dialysis of tuberculosis, stomach ulcers, cholecystitis, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Ginger is not a cure for all diseases. It is unscientific to say that “Ginger cures all diseases”.

If you are suffering from a cold cold, vomiting due to a cold cold or stomach cold caused by rain, fever symptoms can be treated with ginger; if it is a cold cold, heat stroke, or vomiting caused by other reasons, you ca n’t eat ginger.Initial therapeutic effect.