“I just thought about it again,Make some fine adjustments to the morning decision。The working group stationed in the development zone temporarily assigns another group,Except for Mayor Zhu’s group,Send another group,A team led by Chairman Zhang Huai,such,Intensify,Strengthen,Ensure the completion of this work。In addition,Secretary Cui Ci is transferred back,Assist the two groups,Specially investigate and deal with the violation of discipline by party members and cadres here。Secretary Cui from tomorrow,Don’t go to the countryside for an assessment,When Secretary Lu Hui comes back, I will tell him。”

Cui Ci nodded。
Peng Changyi continued to arrange the road:“Broadcasting, Film and Television Bureau and newspapers should send full-time reporters,Follow the actions of the two groups throughout,TV stations and newspapers should open up columns,To be a big fan,TV must have a shadow,Broadcast,The newspaper must have words,Let the people of the city know that we are fighting,Fighting a big battle for environmental protection!”
“Encountered a nail household,Our departments at all levels must dare to enforce the law,Police officers are going,Power bureau to cut off,Tap water to be cut off,TV station wants to expose it,Polluting factory,Bureau of Land、Environmental Protection Agency、Planning Bureau、After the Construction Bureau has fully assessed it,To relocate and build,Must be strictly implemented‘Three simultaneous’Start policy,Not allowed to move out with illness,Unless you don’t set up a factory in Kangzhou,Ensure emission compliance。”
At this moment,A bald man quietly opened the door of the meeting room,Choose a corner against the wall to sit down。
Peng Changyi continued:“the following,I will assign a task to the Health Bureau。”Say here,He looked at the director of the Health Bureau,Said:“Maybe you don’t know what the Health Bureau will play in this pollution control operation.,I also ignored this in the morning。”
Zhu Guoqing raised his head,Staring at Peng Changyi,Waiting for him to go down。The fat and fat 50-year-old director of the Health Bureau also looked at the secretary of the municipal party committee。
“Yes,What does this have to do with the Health Bureau?I thought about it for noon,Not only related to the Health Bureau,And it matters。and so,I give an urgent order to the health system:The Health Bureau will send two medical teams,Enter various polluting enterprises in the development zone,Give workers of these companies a free medical examination,It can also be called an occupational health check,Tomorrow, we will follow the two groups of Mayor Zhu and Chairman Zhang to the polluting enterprises involved in the development zone.,Company by company inspection。I ask you to lead the team personally。This is a tough battle for you,After a while,You have to arrange immediately,Make sure the medical team is in place tomorrow。Have the confidence to complete the task?”
This is a big punch!The most lethal punch that no one expected!
This is the trick Peng Changyi thought about when lying in the dormitory just now。We cannot accuse the unscrupulous means of the city party secretary who has been fully engaged in the battle,no way,This battle,Must win,Can’t fail,He must calculate the opponent into the bones!Otherwise the work of the development zone cannot be solved,He can’t get a foothold in Kangzhou,Will be controlled by others,All future work won’t be easy,It’s hard to move,There will be no prestige,Even being played by opponents。Can’t,Never!Although this trick is somewhat“damage”,But in order to guarantee victory,He must do this,Must be stable、quasi-、Crush the opponent,He has no choice!
Whether it is Zhu Guoqing、Zhang Huai,Yao Bin and Jin Jin,I feel the Ling Lie and murderousness of this trick!
After he finished,No one speaks for a long time。Peng Changyi asked again:“Health Bureau。”He didn’t call the director by name,But directly call the unit name:“You now consider whether there is any difficulty,You can bring it up if you have difficulties,We will study the solution now,but,If you don’t mention it now,The medical team can’t be dispatched until tomorrow,I will deal with the responsible person at that time。”
The director of the health bureau said for a long time:“There is no problem。”
The problem must be no,Kangzhou’s medical force is still superior to other brothers’ units,There is not only a Grade A hospital in Jin’an,There are also hospitals in various central provinces,There are also Kangzhou hospitals and health centers in various local townships,If it’s really difficult,That’s also the difficulty of ideology。
“You have to think about the difficulties enough,The two medical teams must be dispatched tomorrow,Arrive to the city committee compound on time for work,With Mayor Zhu and Chairman Zhang,At the same time, enter the development zone for general physical examination。If there is no difficulty, you can leave early now,Go back and arrange this work。”
“it is good,We try our best to complete the tasks assigned by the municipal party committee。”The Director of Health said。
“Not try,You have to understand this,Is a must!Go to work tomorrow morning,Two medical teams must be in place!If you can’t get it,I invite you in place!”Peng Changyi is very serious,And solemn expression。
“no problem,Guarantee to complete the task。I’ll contact the city hospital soon after I go back、Epidemic Prevention Station,There is also the Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Office of the Kangzhou Branch of Jin’an Hospital,tomorrow morning,Ensure that both medical teams are in place。”The Secretary of Health said:“Then I’ll go back and arrange?”
Peng Changyi nodded at him。The Secretary of Health picked up the notebook,Hurried out of the meeting room。