“not worried。”Wu Yue laughed。
“What’s relieved?”Wang Guangwei frowned and asked。
“Facing Luo Kai’s hairstyle, there is no mess,not worried。”
Wang Guangwei reached out and pushed Wu Yue away,“Don’t be distracted,Still playing!”
“Xiaoyu, look,I was right before!”Xia Wu in the stands pointed to Wang Guangwei and said to his cousin,Uplifting。“Take a closer look at Wang Guangwei’s hairstyle,15 minutes left in the first half,Is his hairstyle still the same as when he first appeared?”
While saying this,He handed a pair of binoculars to his cousin。
Xia Xiaoyu took the telescope and said:“I said cousin why do you have to bring this,Turns out to see other people’s hairstyles……”
Xia Wu smiled:“You don’t know that,Follow Wang Guangwei’s hairstyle in the competition,It’s actually an Easter egg in the Jiaxiang competition。In our province,I really haven’t seen anyone who can mess up Wang Guangwei’s hairstyle!”
He was very proud,As if Wang Guangwei is awesome,It means he is also awesome。
Xia Xiaoyu raised the telescope,Looking at Wang Guangwei wearing the captain’s armband,Really……The hair sticks to his scalp meticulously,Obedient post。