Qin Liang thought hesitantly……

“It seems Xiaoyun understands this truth,You see,She stopped talking。”
Shen Ruoxi saw Liu Xiaoyun got stuck,Immediately hit the iron while it was hot and made another knife,Cut off Liu Xiaoyun’s retreat!She said so,Even if Liu Xiaoyun has something to say,I’m not embarrassed to talk about it now。
It turns out that the beauty owner of Ouya Company, Shen Ruoxi, is really a very powerful girl.!It’s just that the mountains and dew are not visible。Actually, of course Shen Ruoxi is very good!Otherwise, how could she rely on her and Chen Hao’s efforts,In just a few years, I started from scratch to create such a prestigious company as Ouya Group!When she and Qin Liang are together,That’s because of being tied,In love
Caused by the previous IQ reset!Doesn’t mean she is really benzene。
It’s a pity such a simple thing,Qin Liang didn’t want to understand,He thought that Shen Ruoxi was really good at it,People can’t look,It’s probably reflected in this。Liu Xiaoyun seems to have made up his mind,No matter what Shen Ruoxi says,She doesn’t refute,No excuse,Just smile right,The rhythm that seems to have completely resigned。
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Chapter two hundred and fifty-six I prove it to you
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“I have a hasty,I can’t stand it,Almost done,Why did you bully Xiaoyun forever??People have never resisted,You can almost do it too!Just accept,Forgive and forgive,I have to save some face anyhow。”
Qin Liang smiled and stood up for Liu Xiaoyun。
“Okay brother-in-law,As long as everyone is happy,Bully me, bully me,I am willing to be bullied by everyone。”
Liu Xiaoyun is still very righteous and said。
“Yeah,What Xiaoyun said,I really feel a little embarrassed for a moment!Forget it,I won’t talk about her,Lest people say that I’m bullying my little sister,Hehe。”
Shen Ruoxi said mischievously。
“OK OK,Change the topic,correct,Xiaoyun,These days when we are away,Is there nothing wrong with the city bureau??What’s your sister Shiyun doing??”
Qin Liang really changed the subject。
“Nothing wrong,Sister Shiyun is in the city bureau every day110Police Command Center on duty,Meizi is on duty every day in the Criminal Police Team of the Municipal Bureau。”