[Can shrimp and parsley be eaten together]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

[Can shrimp and parsley be eaten together]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

Shrimp and parsley can be eaten together. The pairing and matching of the two will not cause any symptoms of maladjustment. When buying shrimp, try not to buy U-turned shrimp, which is not fresh and must be cooked before cooking the shrimp.If you want to remove the shrimp line, there will be some muddy smell that will affect appetite, and if there is muddy smell, the child will not like it.

Salted Shrimp Ingredients: 1,000 grams of fresh shrimp.

Accessories: 3 grams of salt, a handful of coriander.

Production process: 1. Rinse fresh shrimp with water.

Wash the parsley and set aside.

2. Heat the pot.

3, stir-fry in the shrimp fire.

4. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt.

5, stir fry evenly, cover the shell and bake.

6. Open the lid and stir fry in about 30 seconds, then cover the box.

7. Stir repeatedly until all the shrimp is rolled up and cooked.

8. Pour in the basket and drain the water.

9. Pour into coriander plate and serve immediately.

Precautions for eating shrimp and parsley 1. Shrimp 1. The shrimp line on the back of the shrimp is an undischarged waste of shrimp. If there is a muddy smell in the mouth, which affects appetite, it should be removed.

2, redness, soft body, U-turn shrimp is not fresh, try not to buy.

The spoiled shrimp must not be eaten.

3. It is best not to drink a lot of beer when eating seafood, because it will produce too much uric acid and cause gout.

When eating seafood, it should be accompanied by dry white wine, because the fruit acid in it has a bactericidal and deodorizing effect.

4. The back end of the shrimp is green and black is fresh.

Generally, shrimp shells are hard, the head is intact, the body is tough, and the body is curved.

Second, cilantro 1. Although cilantro is delicious, it should not exceed 20 grams, otherwise it will easily cause nervousness.

2. Coriander has a pungent taste and can be mixed with other sparse fruits to form a juice.

3. Coriander can be added in a small amount when it is ready to be cooked to make coriander porridge, which is effective for those with cold stomach.

4, do not eat rotten, yellow coriander, because there is no therapeutic effect at all, may produce toxins.