Shen Ruoxi started telling lies with her eyes open……

“Wakayu,How are you doing?Ha ha……When did you become so naughty?”
Murong Shan lost Shen Ruoxi。Actually, Shen Ruoxi did it deliberately,She is carrying“heavy”Assault rifle,Follow Qin Liang around,She is tired,Very tired,So the little girl deliberately acted like a baby,Just draw everyone’s care,Didn’t really want to。
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“I won’t tell you anymore,I went to take a bath。”
Shen Ruoxi has done enough,Satisfied and took the replacement clothes to take a shower。
“What did Sister Ruoxi want to do??”
After Shen Ruoxi leaves,Yanzi asked Murongshan in confusion。
“Very simple,She is tired,I want to show off with my husband, but I have no chance,That’s why I did it deliberately,Ha ha,It’s okay。”
Murong Shan explained with a smile,She is here,I have lived with Shen Ruoxi for a long time,Naturally know Shen Ruoxi well。