Although there was an accident when the suspect was finally caught,The murderer almost died directly in the hands of Shen Ruoxue,But that is also normal,There may be various accidents in any arrest operation,Flaws,As long as the final result is good。

Different from Shen Ruoxue’s various worries and entanglements,Yang Shiyun is quite sure in her heart,She believes that the murderer will not die so easily!After all, the doctor rescued him the first time,And there is a difference between tear gas and the gas we usually call,Far less toxic,So Yang Shiyun is still not too worried。
The only thing she is worried about is Liu Yong’s life and death!
The operation has been going on for nearly ten hours,But Liu Yong is still struggling on the verge of death!This makes Yang Shiyun very anxious!
Liu Yong’s only daughter has been away for many years,And Yang Shiyun doesn’t go home for years because of work!So this pair of teachers and students,There is the kind of feeling between father and daughter invisible,Liu Yong will treat his love for his daughter,Pour into Yang Shiyun invisibly,And the same,Yang Shiyun will treat her love to her father,Inadvertently used on Liu Yong。
So the relationship between their master and apprentice is quite good,Not only the feeling of master and apprentice,Father-daughter love。
So Liu Yong’s attack,Yang Shiyun is quite sad and unbearable!
If this is replaced by Yang Shiyun two or three years ago,The murderer who attacked Liu Yong was miserable today!Yang Shiyun who used to have a fiery temper like a dynamite bag,I have to beat him to death!But today’s Yang Shiyun is more mature than before,Much more stable,She knew that as a policeman,Especially as a police chief,What should I do,What you shouldn’t do。
So the murderer was half dead by Shen Ruoxue’s tear gas,Yang Shiyun’s heart is actually very happy!Because Shen Ruoxue unintentionally let out a bad breath for her,Did what she wanted but couldn’t do。
of course,She definitely wouldn’t say it like that,But she won’t blame Shen Ruoxue for her recklessness,Just as if nothing happened,I haven’t seen anything……
The murderer has a gun,Of the kind that can be killed on the spot,So although Shen Ruoxue made a mistake,But you don’t need to take any responsibility,At least here Yang Shiyun,She can’t let Shen Ruoxue take any responsibility。
And the most important thing is:Isn’t the murderer dead?!You deserve it if you die,Let alone not dead!