20 tips to care about your husband

20 tips to care about your husband

1. Her husband is used to love, not to be angry.

To love your husband is to love yourself.

  2. When my husband wants to eat apples, he goes to wash immediately.

Experience has shown that pushing back and forth results in both wounds and anger, and the time and energy consumed can wash the apple.

  3. When ordering, clearly say what you want to eat.

So that no one likes to eat after ordering, or only one party whispers afterwards.

  4. Never say break up or divorce when quarreling, so you can’t get off the stage afterwards.

  5, try not to use food as a gift, so as not to forget after eating.

  6, when quarreling as little as possible and tears.

  7. Be sure to remember your husband’s birthday (both solar and solar), and make sure to be the first to say happy birthday to your husband.

  8. Develop the habit of laughing at the first sight of your husband, especially when you come home from work to open the door.

  9. When you need your husband to accompany you but your husband cannot accompany you, imagine that you are the wife of a defender, and tell him: you are busy, I can do it.

  10, pay attention to the feminine characteristics when soft grinding hard foam.

   11. Intentionally kissed him and helped him to cover the quilt when he was half asleep and awake.

  12. Pretend to worship him when he brags about himself, and show hope for a happy future.

In fact, more men are fond of showing off their benefits to women, and then just listen.

Because he just wants you to “worship” him, remember to give him a positive look from time to time.

  13. When you watch TV or a disc and see that the marriage life in the story is miserable, think about when your husband is good to you. Call him if you are not around, and lie on him when you are around.Cry for a while and say, “Let’s not do that well?”

  14, after the husband dedicated to you, he showed a particularly excited look, and said “husband you are the best to me!

“For encouragement.

  15. Occasionally speaking to her husband inadvertently about a certain male colleague who wanted to invite you to coffee when he first arrived, but you refused because you wanted to buy him a t-shirt.

   16. Now that you have chosen to spend your life with him, don’t imagine changing him. Only you can change.

Education is futile, and probation is feasible.

If that doesn’t work, be prepared to retreat before falling out with him.

Women like men. 80% of them can’t be wrong, but women are never satisfied with men. This is 100% true.

Women always want to transform men by following their wishes and imaginations, especially their boyfriends (even the husband was no exception).

  17. Use his money to buy clothes and cosmetics for fitness.

In his eyes, at least you are more than enough at every age.

And this is easy to do as long as you are willing to modify.

Men are happy to pay for the beauty of his wife.

In fact, a really good man is always willing to spend money for his beloved woman, because that is his happiness.

In his eyes, when a woman spends his money, she is suddenly the cutest, just like a blooming flower, which is extraordinarily beautiful. Men feel contented, proud, feel their value, and feel the meaning of making money.

  18. When you are bored, find something that is good for you. It does n’t matter if you spend more money.

Remember not to choose to chat with men. Once Hongxing comes out, the best result is that you often surround the dilemma of going and not dating.

  19, the shortcomings of her husband should be divided into two.

There are no absolute disadvantages or advantages.

If he is lazy, then he will have more rest time; if he has no money, then he will be less likely to derail; if he is serious, he will be less likely to be a third party; if he is not motivatedAnd he will focus all your attention on you.

   20. When men study and think at work, don’t try to let your husband’s attention shift to you.Because they are tired to work for a common home, the only thing that can be done at this time is to give him a quiet space, you can go to drink a cup of dry water and add water to it, or boil a pot of trotter white fungus soup and wait for him to finish his work, Drinking a bowl just by the scattered lights outside the window, he will feel particularly warm.