“letter!I believe everything you say!But what I am curious about is……Why do you think of changing your face now??If you do this earlier,Won’t you be recognized on the road??”Song Junming asked confusedly。

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“Didn’t I say,I’m careless!And i’m too lazy……I find it troublesome。”
“Skin monkey”Nonchalant answer,Can take the matter of escape so casually,It does not matter,He should be the number one person in the world。
“Big brother!When is this?Don’t find it bothersome, okay?”
Liu Jian said depressed。
“Over,You changed your tolerance, didn’t you just make my fake certificate for you?!”
Song Junming suddenly said……
“Make me another one,Such a simple thing,Still use me?”
“Skin monkey”Answered him disdainfully。
“Can do,The issue is……How can i give it to you?”