Shen Ruoxue said tangledly。

“Then there’s no way,Then you can only watch me and plum eat。”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately gloated。
But say so,Actually Shen Ruoxue is good too,Liu Xiaoyun and Meizi,Didn’t eat much at all,They only hold a few snacks in their hands each time,So on the surface it seems to eat a lot,fake!
Chapter three thousand six hundred and forty seven Have such a big face
Chapter three thousand six hundred and forty seven Have such a big face
Especially Shen Ruoxue who loves her body like her life,How could I eat myself“Can’t eat a bite”To the point,That is absolutely impossible。
“That won’t work!Why do you two eat me and watch?!No way!If I don’t eat, you two are not allowed to eat!”
Shen Ruoxue said unreasonably on purpose。
“You are so arrogant and unreasonable, Xiaoxue!If you don’t eat, we are not allowed to eat?Whatever you do, we have to follow you?”
Meizi asked dumbfoundingly。
“of course!So when Xiaoyun and I took a bath,You have to take a bath with me and Xiaoyun。”
Shen Ruoxue’s eyes turned,Witty answer。
Meizi couldn’t laugh immediately!Not only can’t laugh,And don’t even dare to speak!Shen Ruoxue is a move to control the enemy,I caught Meizi’s vitality and life in a short time。
“Small,Dare to protest with me?Think I can’t clean you up, right?You little stinky girl,I won’t show you anything,You didn’t know that I, Shen Ruoxue, was the number one little scourge in the Shen family!”
See plum dumb,Shen Ruoxue suddenly became very proud,Continue to arrogantly and Meizi get together。
“Are you great。”