[How to slice lemon is simple]_How to slice_Production method

[How to slice lemon is simple]_How to slice_Production method

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin c and anthocyanins, so even if the lemon tastes sour, it has become a regular fruit in many families.

Because lemon has a good effect on whitening and aging.

In the process of eating lemons, they are directly consumed instead of reliable. Sliced lemons and soaked in water are the choice of many people.

So is there some simple and efficient way to cut lemon slices?

How to cut a lemon 1. There is a special slicer that can cut very thin and even slices.

2. Freeze in the refrigerator for a while and then cut it out. The cut out is thinner.

Lemon Knowledge (Scientific name: Citrus limon (L.

) Burm.


), A dicotyledonous rutaceae citrus plant, lemon is also called lemon fruit, lemon, motherwort and so on.

Small trees, branches with few spines or nearly no spines, young leaves and flower buds dark purple red, leaves thick papery, oval or oval.

Carpiaceae single or rarely clustered.

Fruit oval or ovate, thick peel, usually rough, lemon yellow, fruit juice sour to very sour, small seeds, ovate, tip; seed coat smooth, cotyledon milky, usually single or both embryos.

Flowering from April to May, fruiting from September to November.

Lemons are produced south of the Yangtze River in China and originated in Southeast Asia. The main origins are the United States, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Can pregnant women drink lemonade to stop vomiting?
Can pregnant women drink lemonade to stop vomiting, but lemonade should not be consumed too much, and lemonade is acidic. If it is pregnant women with stomach problems, it is best not to drink lemonade to stop vomiting.
This food has also been selected as the 12 foods that pregnant women must eat.

Pregnant women can eat lemon and citric acid, which can supplement the body’s required vitamin C, and it can have a good antiemetic effect on vomiting toxins during pregnancy. It can be eaten with sliced soaking water.

However, lemon is acidic and can easily irritate the stomach. It is recommended not to eat more, especially for people with too much acid.

After the Commissioner pointed out that after pregnancy, pregnant women can drink lemonade, but because the acidity of lemonade is too high, you can drink it in moderation, not drink too much, or replace it on an empty stomach.

First of all, drinking twice a week is enough, not more than two glasses a day.

Otherwise it will affect the acid-base balance of the body.

Some pregnant women use sour lemonade as a better drink to supplement morning sickness, which is also desirable.

Of course, the benefits of lemonade don’t stop there.

The refreshing light acidity of lemon is a wonderful choice for alleviating morning sickness. A small lemon is one of the medicinal fruits in the world. It can supplement vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high potassium and low levels.Sodium is very beneficial to pregnant women.

Which of the fresh lemons and dried lemons is good? Fresh lemons and sun-dried lemons are actually similar in function, some of which have a good function of improving the cardiovascular and cerebral blood vessels of the human body.

However, there are some differences between the taste of fresh lemons and dried lemons.

In addition, the two biggest differences are in the amount of trace elements.

Therefore, the question of whether fresh lemons or dried lemons are good is inconclusive.

one’s man meat is another man’s poison!

In terms of taste, if you like some sour taste, you can choose fresh lemons; dried lemon slices will have more sweetness than fresh ones, so some people will prefer the taste of dried lemons.

From a nutritional point of view, fresh lemon naturally has more nutrient content and higher nutritional value than dried lemon.

In the process of lemon drying, nutrient content will be lost more or less. Dried lemons are naturally not as nutritious as fresh.

But in reality, the differences are not that great.

From the point of use, there are many ways to eat fresh lemons. They can be used to soak water, can also be used as a seasoning, and can also be used to make desserts.

From the convenience of eating, of course, dried lemons are more convenient, you can take two slices at any time to make tea; and fresh lemons need to be stored in the refrigerator after they are not used.Will be lost.