Just instinctive reaction pops up around,Because it was too hard,Take the bluestone floor under your feet out of the pit。

“what happened?Old man,I attacked,Why are you returning,come,Take it!”Xia Chenglong’s eyes seem to be enchanted,The eyes are terrifying。
How dare Shao Houpu speak?,Hands with aura,Do the strongest protection,A pair of eyes stared at the figure in the middle。
He dare not speak,Because speaking will affect his concentration,Unable to concentrate,Because the speed just now is too fast,After thinking for a long time, there is no way to crack。
“Kid,Die for the old man!”
The other retired sage can’t bear the tension at this moment,The four of them,Was forced to be like this by one person,I can’t tell you not to let others laugh。
So he has to fight back,To slap Xia Chenglong to death,Let the whole audience understand,Offending the Shao family did not end well。
One shot is full,The breath condensed on the fist is like the invincible aura of a bull running,The power of this mysterious boxing martial art cannot be underestimated,
Xia Chenglong looked at the other person rushing over,Shook his head helplessly,How can I fight at the beginning,He hasn’t played enough yet,So go back。
Direct hit,Xia Chenglong’s fist collided with the old man’s fist,Quick separation,The old man will be where he was once again。
He never understood,Why didn’t my fist for a lifetime have the upper hand?,This is unreasonable,But he really flew out。
“Try our combined sword,Thousands of Willows!”
Two combined moves from the supernatural realm,I didn’t expect the other party to have such interesting things,It’s different if you have the foundation!
The other side has a sword,Xia Chenglong has a headache,If he is also a sword, it’s a bit bullying,It’s a bit humiliating if you don’t make a sword,If that’s the case, let’s make a rust sword!
Rust sword in hand,There was another mockery in the audience,Does the poor Zhao family even have money to buy a sword??
Of course Xia Chenglong has a sword,There are so many good swords,But after using the rust sword, I feel that other swords are not going well,This sword is just right。
There are still countless spirit swords entangled around,Rusty sword leads the sword to dance quickly,Mobilize the atmosphere of the whole scene。